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You should trust Auth with your users due to its proven track record, robust security measures, and commitment to user-friendly authentication experiences. With a history of successful user management and data protection, Auth prioritizes security and user satisfaction, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding your user accounts. 

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As long as your data resides on our servers, it remains secure. If you decide to discontinue using Auth, exporting your data is simple. Visit the Auth Dashboard and activate ‘User Import/Export.’ For assistance, refer to our documentation. Additionally, Auth’s management API allows comprehensive access to your account data, facilitating data export in any desired format. 

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Auth by Skillmine offers versatile deployment options, functioning either as a third-party service within the Auth public cloud or in a secure, isolated private deployment. Auth provides support for four distinct deployment types: 

  1. Public Cloud: Multi-tenant, shared-instance setup.
  2. Private Cloud Basic: A dedicated option that enhances Public Cloud performance and facilitates compliance with specific data residency requirements.
  3. Private Cloud Performance: Building upon Private Cloud Basic, this option boosts requests per second (RPS) to 500, offering additional features like upgrade control, load testing, and a GEO-HA add-on.
  4. Private Cloud Performance Plus: Extending the capabilities of Private Cloud Performance, this option elevates RPS to 1,500, catering to high-demand scenarios.
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Auth consistently maintains monthly uptime rates exceeding 99.99% in most regions.  

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Our experts can help you understand your needs better and guide you to choose a plan that best suits your requirements. 

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