One Authentication Solution for Every Digital Door!
A versatile authentication and authorization solution that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise application, partner applications, and social media platforms, without compromising the data security.
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Witness a Real-Time Rise in Business Value!
Experience a centralized access management system, fortified security, and the ability to create an agile and operational landscape.
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Say Hello to the Most Simplified Way of Workflow Management!
Streamline your workflow effortlessly with automated approvals. Monitor every authorization action with precision and reinforce compliance and accountability by utilizing pre-integrated audit trail.
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A Modern Way to Enhance
Digital Security!

Streamlined Access Management

Auth is a one-stop solution that simplifies access management across multiple applications, centralizes authentication, and reinforces your security infrastructure.

Unparalleled Security Solutions

Auth goes beyond the traditional way of password protection. It integrates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On to secure all your digital assets.

User-Centric Design

Our platform, your organization can effortlessly ensure secure access and strong authentication, seamless monitoring devices keeping both security and user experience in mind.

Welcome the Right Ones, Turn Away the Unauthorized!

Auth upholds top-tier security measures for your business. Its unique interface can simplify access management through user-friendly, password-less authentication. No matter where your team is, be it remote or on-site, Auth fortifies your defense strategy through its sophisticated zero-trust architecture, decisively countering unauthorized access attempts.


Mitigation of frauds and unauthorized access.


Surge in the adoption of Identity and Access Management (IDAM).

Key Features of Auth 

Auth Goes an Extra Mile for Your Business

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Auth prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring a robust approach regardless of whether the deployment is on-cloud, on-premise, or through SaaS solutions.

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Auth incorporates top-tier features to ensure data privacy, secure communication, and global data protection compliance through advanced encryption controls for both data in transit and at rest.

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Auth is an innovative solution that enables organizations to establish robust secrets management practices by securely centralizing secrets associated with various application identities. This approach is in perfect harmony with an organization’s preferred cloud strategy.

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Auth prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring a robust approach regardless of whether the deployment is on-cloud, on-premise, or through SaaS solutions.

All-In-One Identity Security

A comprehensive solution for securing identities, defending against potential attackers, and streamlining the management of resources across hybrid, SaaS, and multi-cloud domains.

Global-Level Data Privacy

Strengthen your data privacy measures by ensuring the secure handling of sensitive information in compliance with various country-specific data protection regulations, such as ISO, GDPR, and HIPAA.

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User-Centric Model!

Enhanced scalability

Auth is designed for dynamic scaling, effortlessly adapting to your product’s changing needs by harnessing the power of Docker containers.

Swift Access at Your Fingertips

Auth ensures faster access for your users with its automated user and permission management, streamlining the authentication process.

Audit Trails with Precision

It keeps a vigilant eye on your authentication events through comprehensive audit trails and logs. These logs enable real-time monitoring and post-incident analysis.

The Power of Auth: A Closer Look!

Robust Security and Compliance

It supports MFA and messaging for strengthened customer identification and regulatory adherence, providing added layers of security

Simplified Access Control

It streamlines access mechanisms, improving business outcomes and user experience through efficient login event capture.

Captcha-Enabled Human Verification

It uses Captcha to ensure only human users with the correct password gain access, safeguarding against remote digital threats

Payment Gateway Integration

Seamless Payment Integration: It integrates seamlessly with various online payment processors, including PayTM, CCAvenue, PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, and BillDesk, thereby simplifying payment transactions. 

Skillmine Auth

Modern Authentication Solution for Anyone, Anytime, & Anywhere

Your business digital journey will become more simple, seamless, and secure with Auth. We are versatile across multiple platforms, including Google and Facebook, and possess expertise in diverse protocols such as SAML, OAuth, LDAP, and more.

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